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The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS), the European Program Management Unit (UGPE), with the support of the National Center of Cinema and Image (CNCI), in partnership with the National Agency for the Promotion of Scientific Research (ANPR) and a group of Tunisian civil society representatives (Association for Research in Action, Youth for Science Foundation, Association Jeunes Sciences, and Association for Scientific Research and Innovation in Computer Science - ARSII) organize for the first time in Tunisia the Researchers' Night "Living Lab el Jem and Innovative Labs in Action", LiLa JemILA, within the framework of Association of Tunisia to the European Program of Research and Innovation Horizon 2020.
This event will be an opportunity for the general public, especially young students, high school students and students, to discover the research activities carried out in Tunisia as well as international projects in collaboration with Member States of the European Union. This event will be organized under the label "Researchers 'Night in Tunisia", awarded by the European Commission to the project LiLa JemILA, placed within the framework program Horizon 2020, under the theme Marie Sklodowska-Curie, the "Researchers' Night in Tunisia" will take place on Friday, September 28, 2018 on the site of the City of Culture in Tunis.







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The question of life on other planets than the Earth is an old question, which has resulted in a collective imagination rich in Alien and other Martians. Science does not ignore this question, on the contrary, the system   solar is a fantastic field of exploration from this point of view. Mars, for example, was certainly habitable in the past. We have now that the solar system is not unique; there are many other planets. These are the famous "exoplanets".


2 rooms with a capacity of 20 people minimum.

IJA Jarreb

Put yourself in the shoes of a deaf person during 3 experiments: 1. The participants will put plugs and watch a video clip 2. we will tap their mouths and have to pass a proverb / message / done to their buddy 3. extinction of fires: in total darkness, participants will witness the state of shock that can be felt by the deaf Materials: wax caps, dressing


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Agricultural Solutions

Conference to the general public


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Rage in 10 questions

Interactive conference to raise awareness about the fight against rabies


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Nutrition and well being

Raising citizens' awareness of the importance of a healthy and balanced diet



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